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Recent Royal Academy pianists


Benjamin Grosvenor


EMI Chopin 200th Anniversary Edition - 'Rarities' disc


‘...the set’s other secret weapon is British wunderkind Benjamin Grosvenor, whose ‘Rarities’ disc was recorded just last year and reveals a sensitivity of touch, general musicality and affection for the music that is staggeringly absent from some of his older colleagues.’


Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine February 2010



‘This and That’ recital CD


‘This phenomenal recital is entitled ‘This and That’ - less modestly it could have been called ‘One Marvel after Another’, for the performances by Benjamin Grosvenor exhibit a skill and talent not heard since Kissin's legendary teenage Russian debut. Even the most outlandish difficulties are tossed aside not just as child's play but with a seemingly endless poetic finesse and resource.To call such playing that of a master-pianist will invite accusations of exaggeration and hyperbole, but what else can I say?’ Full review 


Bryce Morrison, The Gramophone Magazine - April 2010 


Concert reviews


‘A Keyboard Visionary’. The ‘vocabulary’ of Grosvenor’s ‘piano dictionary’ knows no bounds.


March 2010, Germany   Süddeutsche Zeitung, Reinhard Palmer.


"What those fortunate enough to find a seat experienced was a young artist who seems able to channel the emotional storms of adolescence into high-contrast interpretations of Romantic masterworks and their 20th-century antecedents.


(February 2010, USA)


"The name of Benjamin Grosvenor, who well merits the title of Wunderkind, tends on the whole to feature only in the concert calendars of the world's best-known orchestras... this young man with the air of a sensitive, poetic lad, makes the substance, the heart, the meaning of the music simply flow from the piano. Just when you think you have heard the most delicately glittering note, the pianist plays some more: even clearer, more delicate. Never before has the meaning of the Largo been more obvious. The cadenzas in the Allegro con brio and Rondo sparkled with animated brilliance.


(Helsinki, November 2009, Beethoven 3rd Concerto)



Yevgeny Sudbin


Scriabine recording


No pianist of any generation has, in my experience, captured Scriabin's volatility so vividly as Sudbin... All these performances are flecked with personal touches and brilliances above and beyond even Scriabin's wildest demands...This, put suitably euphorically, is a disc in a million.

Editor's Choice, Bryce Morrison, Gramophone


Rachmaninov Recording

This confirms him as one of the most important pianistic talents of our time

Harriet Smith, International Record Review


Scarlatti Recording

Once in a blue moon a record appears by a hitherto unknown artist who seems destined to take his place among the elect. Both musically and technically, this debut is on a par with those two greatest of Scarlatti pianists, Horowitz and Pletnev. As eloquent in the most poignant sonatas as he is brilliant in the showstoppers, Sudbin is already a master.

Daniel Stearns, Piano


Yevgeny Sudbin is already hailed as potentially one of
the greatest pianists of the 21st century.

The Daily Telegraph


Ashley Wass


‘That maturity may have little to do with age is proved by the altogether exceptional artistic character of Ashley Wass. Here is a very special, precious talent...I am sure that for music, the future is safe in Wass’s hands.’


The Independent


A performance as fine as this one from Ashley Wass will simply having listeners marvelling at the originality of the piece.


The Gramophone


Freddy Kempf


‘Kempf took to Rachmaninov’s massively sculpted piano textures with all the sangfroid of youth and the precision of a top-line artist’

NZ Herald

‘His delicacy of touch generated real pianistic poetry’

London Evening Standard

‘Kempf has the maturity and musicality with which to harness his gifts to artistic ends. He has the fearless exuberance of youth. He is prepared to take risks, a readiness that brings spontaneous combustion to his playing; but he has sensitivity, too.’

The Telegraph


Inon Barnatan


Schubert CD


The young, Israeli born pianist is a true poet of the keyboard: refined, searching, unfailingly communicative. This is musicianship of the highest calibre.

Evening Standard


Concert Reviews


Barnatan was naturally poetic; he has an instinctive understanding of Schubert’s fragile, deep world... he obtained a hypnotic tone from the piano... he made sounds that might have won the approval of Schnabel himself.


Alex Ross, The New Yorker - April 2004



The evening’s undisputed star was Barnatan. He displayed the widest variety of touch and dynamics that I’ve ever heard from the library’s aging, balky Steinway. From barely audible, feathery trills to heaven-storming thunderbolts, Barnatan orchestrated every phrase with sovereign mastery. [This was] fine music-making wedded to astounding technique.


Washington Post , June 2008